Left behind

You never loved me

Never wanted me

You were never mine

You just passed time with me

Until you got bored

Then you made excuse

Then you left

Broke my heart

Made me cry

Day and night

You were selfish

You were heartless

You didn’t care

Why your back today?

Why come back?

Why so mercy?

Why be pity?

For leaving me that day?

You didn’t care what i went through for years

You dont care today

You moved on

You have wife now

You say you love me

How is that love?

Where is that love?

The love that lives in incomplete?

The love that always hurts

Today your not mine either

Your are someone elses

You will leave me again

You will hurt me again

My heart will be broke again

You will make me cry again

You never understood me

Never understood my love

I know, my heart know the love i loved you

The want i wanted you

Why you’re back today

Why show love that was never there?


Love is complicated

Too little love can ruin a relationship

Too much love can ruin a relationship

Theres always needs to be balance

In how much love you should show to that significiant other


How little love you should hide from that significiant other

If loving too much can push away the loved one

Have a control over your heart

Dont show, that too much love. Give what can be taken, because not everyone can handle too much love

why am i here

What am i looking for

Wht do i need

I feel like such a failure

I thought i was strong

I thought i was brave

I thought i can do this

I cant

I feel scared

I am traumatized

How will i do this

How far can i go alone

Its just so hard

Everything is just so hard

I feel alone

I am alone

I am so lonley

So lonley

So lonely

Like the moon all alone in the sky

I am so broken

So very broken

I dont how to heal

I lost everything

My self respect

Self value

I became so sensitive

So vunerable to hurt

To pain

That i am became sooo easy for people

Come to life

Use me

Ghosts me out

Just leaves me

I feel so valueless

Like i dont belong here anymore

Then where is my place

What is my identity

What is the path for me

Which door should i enter

I am still searching

Searching for all my answers

Still walking in the dark

Walking till i find the light at the end of the tunnel


Will i never find it …………

The window of possibilities

As i stood by my window, i see the buildings across from me

The windows, some open some closed

Some had lights on and some were dark

There were tv turned on in some windows

In one window i saw a person sitting by her open window and looking up at the sky

In one window, kids were playing board games on a table by the window

In one window i heard music

Then i wondered, hey thats life

So many paths in our life

So many doors in our life

So many windows in our life

We are so busy focusing and trying to open all the closed doors and window

We dont see the once thats open

We refuse to turn and walk to the path thats available for us

With so many events taking place this year, we are ao focused on feeling frustrated





And all these negative feelings

We dont stop and think for a second the good in all the bad

Theres always good in every bad 🙂


Remembering the day you first touched me

I can still feel your every touch on my body

Kissing my neck and feeling my lips with your lips

Caressing my hair and finally pressing your lips on mine, using yours to part mines as you passionately kiss me

Feeling my body with you hand

I can still feel your hand

Your skin pressed against mine as we lay in bed

I wanted to touch your skin so badly, and finally you let me.

Running my finger from ur face to your lips and down you neck and to your chest

You held my hand, not letting go any further

And take control of my body as we both get lost in lust

Love Addiction

Meeting you

seeing you

Im in love with you

You got me hooked

You got me addicted

Being with you

Talking to you

I am hooked

I am addicted to you

I need your touch

I need your kiss

Your like a drug so strong

Once missed, i feel crazy

Your romance

Your lust

I crave day and night

Because i am addicted to you

Cant have you out of my sight

Cant miss you even for a night

Your erotic romance is what my body craves

Your addiction

Got me strong

You absence

Gets me drown

Baby i need you

Because i am addicted to you